Consult a Doctor

I get a kick out of how many times I see the phrase “please consult a doctor before starting a workout program” or something similar. I don’t really remember seeing that warning when I went down a path of inactivity, poor eating decisions, excessive alcohol consumption and more in the past.

Do I really need to consult a doctor before I begin challenging my body physically and eating a healthier diet? I wasn’t pushed to consult my doctor before I started eating fast food too frequently. Yeah it’s probably good to consult your doctor if you will be challenging your body, but I find the context in which this phrase is usually directed at people to be a little backwards – it seems to only be thrown at people that want to head down a path of health and fitness as opposed to eating junk and being physically complacent.

What Is “Doing Something On The Side”?

I have been thinking about this idea lately – the idea that many people say they are “doing something on the side”.

When I hear that, I usually figure that means that somebody is doing something that see is important or worthwhile to them, but at the same time they are admitting that there are other things that are taking time or priority away from this thing that is “happening on the side”.

It’s often used to describe businesses or hobbies or stuff like that.

I don’t like to say that I’m “doing it on the side” anymore. Why? I think that takes away from the value of things that you are pursuing. Why not just say you are “doing it” instead of “doing it on the side”?

Even if something isn’t given the time commitment to make it feel like a full time gig, you are still doing it consistently, more than likely. So what about a hobby where you carve wood for five hours a week? Instead of saying you carve wood on the side, why not just say you carve wood? Who cares if you do it for only a small portion of your week. If you do it consistently, and it’s important to you, you are simply doing it.

So now when people imply that I like to run a record label or play drums “on the side” of my day job – I like to say that isn’t the case and I simply do those things with equal importance, even though I don’t put as much time into those activities.

I guess this is just a small way to adjust my way of thinking to make everything feel as important to my life as the next.

Art Bell Is Back Tonight!

My favorite radio voice of all-time is hitting the airwaves (well at least SiriusXM) starting tonight. I’m looking forward to hearing him on the air again with all new shows. Looking at his guest lineup for the first week, it looks like he’s picking up pretty much right where he left off.

I’m curious how this affect Coast to Coast AM, if at all, both will be good shows to listen to.

Check it out in more detail at his site,

This Eyelid Twitching is Driving Me Nuts

Lately my eyelid on my left eye has been twitchy – it seems random, but pretty frequent over the last week or two. Like any normal person with Web access, I decided to look up my issues online to see what the problem might be.

According to this, I’m probably just stressed, tired, in need of more sleep, and probably drinking too much caffein, or any combination of all those. Yeah that sounds about right, that pretty much sums up the last two weeks. I should probably just try to get some sleep.

Thanks CableOne Fargo for No Twins Game and Yet Another “FSN Programming” Night

This is getting really lame. I just want to sit down and watch a Twins game tonight, and yet again the Twins pregame show is on (what a huge tease) and then FSN cuts to “FSN programming” because yeah, I’d much rather watch street ball, poker or boxing than the Twins game tonight.

This has happened so many times this summer it’s getting sickening. I’m not a fan of CableOne in Fargo at this point, what a waste of cable subscription money. For years I have told people “yeah the only reason I have cable is so I can watch the Twins”, and now I look like a fool for saying that and subscribing to CableOne, getting the shaft from them all summer. Hopefully my apartment building can host a dish on the porch, since there’s no cable competition in Fargo.

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